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KEE Sweeping have the most advanced equipment on the street.

KEE Sweeping


Advanced Sweeping Technology

Unique to the sweepers used by KEE Sweeping, is the full width jet of air which dislodges dust, dirt, profilings, screenings, leaves and rubbish out of cracks and gaps in the road surfaces. By having full-width suction, coupled with our experienced operators, KEE Sweepers can complete jobs faster than other sweepers.

Due to the absence of a main broom sling under the chassis, KEE Sweepers can sweep effectively in forward and reverse. This means that even when making tight turns or sweeping dead end roads, the sweeper is still working while reversing out of a position. This ability can be highly beneficial when working with profiling or asphalt operations, as there is limited room to be turning the sweeper around. Again, this means the job is completed quickly and with reduced risk of accidents.

The KEE Sweepers are also fitted with dual-gutter brooms, which can be operated simultaneously giving an outstanding sweeping width of approximately three metres. Both brooms have tilt control in the cab, providing a variety of brush angles to ensure the brush is working efficiently in all forms of gutters. The inclusion of a rops enables the sweeper to meet all mine site requirements as well as remote areas such as Barrow Island.

Client Testimonials
Leon FoglianiLeon FoglianiBMD
“I enlisted the help of Clayton and Damon when I was the Construction Manager of the Reid Alexander Interchange Project in 2010. The project presented several challenges, in particular, working adjacent to and over a high-pressure gas main. Specialised equipment ...

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Jackson LingwoodJackson LingwoodValmec
“I first came across KEE Group upon my arrival into Perth in 2013, where they became a major supplier of plant and equipment on the Gateway WA Project. KEE have a large range / selection of plant equipment essential ...

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Haydn FergusonHaydn FergusonGEORGIOU
"The difference I find with KEE Group is their personal approach to business. They seem to go out of their way to accommodate any request I give them. They are very sharp on pricing and it is very rare for ...

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Tim RyanTim RyanRJVincent
“We started using KEE Group about ten years ago and have not looked back. The industry in 2006 did not have any service that came close to what the boys were offering and so it was an easy decision for ...

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